Mini bio EN

Cesar Oiticica is an artist and architect, who currently server as the Director of the Projeto Hélio Oiticica in Rio de Janeiro.

Oiticica began studying painting in Ivan Serpa’s Curso Livre de Pintura at the Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro in 1954, where he would temporarily replace him as instructor in 1957.

As an integral member of the Grupo Frente and concrete movements, Oiticica created abstract works that present flatly painted geometric forms vigorously arranged to evoke a strong sense of movement within a confined two-dimensional space.

Throughout his lifetime, Oiticica has led a successful career as an architect and, for almost four decades, simultaneously dedicated himself to the preservation and promotion of his brother Hélio’s oeuvre.

In recent years, Oiticica has returned to practicing art. In 2012, his work was included in the exhibition Ivan Serpa: Pioneering Abstraction in Brazil presented at the gallery Dicking Roundell Inc in New York.

Oiticica was born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1939, where he currently lives and works.