Returns to Rio de Janeiro and establishes himself on rua Carlos Góes, in the Leblon quarter.

Assembles the Ready Constructible. Builds scale models for Magic Square Penetrables 3 and 5; Builds the Tenda-luz [Light Tent] penetrable for Júlio Bressane’s film O Gigante da América [The Giant from America]. Installs two appropriations in the bathroom of his studio and names them Experiência do Mito-DesmitificadoAvenida Presidente VargasKyoto-Gaudi [“Experiencing the Demythified Myth – Avenida Presidente Vargas-Kyoto-Gaudi”] and Manhattan Brutalista – Objet Semi-Mágico-Trouvé [Brutalist Manhattan – Semimagical Found Object].

Show: “Objeto na Arte: Brasil Anos 60” [The Object in Art: Brazil in the 1960s], Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), São Paulo.

Happening: November 12 – “Mitos Vadios” [Vagrant Myths] takes place in an empty lot on the Rua Augusta in São Paulo.

Writings: October 24 – Delírio Ambulatório [Wandering Delirium], for his performance at the “Mitos Vadios” [Vagrant Myths] event. Published in the newspaper Diário de São Paulo on November 5, 1978, doc nº 0943/78 AHO/PHO.